Cardboard packaging for the industries

  • Easy to install.
  • Extremely user friendly.
  • Simple to navigate and operate.
  • Visually self-explanatory modules.
  • Faster and accurate processing.
  • Can accommodate individual requirements.
  • Easy to update and customize the data.
  • Faster word processing efficient data management.
  • Essential reports can be generated in simpler modules.
  • Exhaustive data storage facility.
  • Quick data/ information retrieval applications.
  • Comprehensible to person with basic computer knowledge.
  • Does not require special training in order to operate the individual software.

Information about Software Division

House of Software is the recent division of Rapid Enterprises, which in itself is a well-established firm since 1977. The cutting edge technology features adopted by the division, in a very short period is commendable in itself. Primarily the company was started in 1994 with the intention to cater to the needs of the Indian industries, business houses and professionals. Entrepreneur Rohit Jhaveri, a computer graduate from the University of Pune as well as by Pfiger softwares, promotes our software division. House of Software is equipped with the most advanced setup along with qualified software engineers, marketing and support executives, working round the clock. Over the decades our company has designed individual products for various industries and business houses. Along with our services we also provide customization of softwares as per our clients requirements. Taking into account the details of every industry and business house we have developed very user friendly and yet sophisticated software, which can be operated by anyone who has a minimum knowledge of computers. Each software developed by us is not only well tested and deeply analyzed but is also the most reliable in fulfillment of requirements.

Advertising Agencies

Automobile Dealers

Antivirus Software

All types of Billing

Canvassing Agents

Cloth Distributors

Club Houses

FMCG Products

Dairy Industry

Fertilizer Shop

Garment Industry

General Insurance

Home Appliance Shop

Industrial Suppliers

Inventory management

Jewellers/Gem Dlrs

Life Insurance

Mailing Sticker Printing


Milk Distributors

Multi Level Marketing

Payroll for Industries

R.D Agents


R.T.O. Agents

Small Scale Industries

Super Shopee



Vehicle Maintenance