Computer Consumables & Peripherals

Our firm, Rapid Enterprises, deals extensively in computer consumables and peripherals. A number of leading software and brands are listed in our services. Every computer peripheral of ours is capable enough to be easily absorbed in the system workflow, without harming the work pace. The products supplied by us are completely trustworthy and proficient in their performance. Working with complete dedication in order to serve our customers the best, we have carved a special place in the hearts of our clients. In the long run, our services and goods are the best options available in the technology market.

Our list of Computer consumables and peripherals are:

  • Printer Accessories : Toners & Ink cartridges by Lexmark, Sharp, Epson, Cannon, Samsung, HP Printer Sharer, Toner, Drums /Blades, Spikes, Spindles, Cables, Printer legs, Dot line ribbons, TVSE, Epson, Panasonic print heads, HP DJ’s /Lasers/Plotters, Panasonic DMP’s
  • Input devices : Keyboards by Logitec, Microsoft, Samsung. Keyskins, Mouse, Mouse holder, Web cameras by Creative Optical pens, Mouse Pads.
  • Multimedia : Aztech, Creative, Samsung, Acer, Soundcards, Speakers
  • Storage devices : Data Cartridges, Zip Drives and Cartridges by omega, Floppies, CD drives, CD Writers, DVD ROMS, DVD Writers, Hard disks
  • Modems : GVC, BOCA, Hayes, US - Robotics
  • Motherboards / CPU : Lucky star, VIA, Intel, Mercury, Microstar, SIS, Asus, A –Trend, All Box CPUs
  • Monitors : Lucky star, VIA, Intel, Mercury, Microstar, SIS, Asus, A –Trend, All Box CPUs