We are a progressive trading firm, involved in laboratory and industrial chemicals, instruments. Our products have always been a step ahead in the market, giving our services an upper hand in the business. Our trading firm has been pioneer in the field of chemicals that includes trusted names as mentioned below.
We are the dealers of the following chemical brands MERCK, LOBA, Spectrochem, Qualigen, Sos, Hi Media, SRL, Universal etc to name a few. We are also leaders in laboratory and industrial chemicals/media instruments such as PH meter, Spectrophoto meter, D.O meter, Temperature & Humidity meter, Whatman’s filter paper and Borosil glasswares.
Our products find application in industries like Boiler/Cement industries, Sugar factories, Research & development units, Food industry, Biotechnology, microbiology and even the schools & colleges.
Every single product is a symbol of trust and guarantee. The services provided by our firm are the best available in the competitive chemical market today.