Cardboard packaging for the industries

Rapid Enterprises is connected in industrial trading of cardboard packaging essential for any cement factory.

In every Ball mill equipment (used in the Cement industry) there are shells/plates present, which have ball to grind the materials. The balls rotate when the machine is in operation and along with them grounds the materials. In between the lining plates and the shells there is the cardboard packaging used to reduce the impact of the balls against the lining.
The packing is not only important for the working of the Ball mills but it is necessary to get best results in the material used. The cardboard packaging smooths the unevenness of the plate linings.

The cardboard packaging has become an important tool in the cement industry. Many cement industries like ACC, Suvarna and Penna are our clients who have acknowledged our presence in the industry. Today we can proudly claim to be the established traders in the field of industrial trading of cardboard packaging.

Industrial X ray films

Rapid Enterprises has also successfully forayed into the realms of chemical trading. We are the suppliers of industrial X ray films that are used in the ultra sonic testing of many engineering goods.

The testing of welded joints, castings, forgings fabrications are done effectively by the radiography method that applies X ray films. The films used in the same are not only key factor in quality assurance of the product but are the necessary criteria for a better industrial product. Every X ray film is very crucial for the testing done by Radiography method in the industries.

Every heavy machinery based factory/organization, those with ball mill features apply the X ray films for the testing purpose.

Our clients have placed their faith in our supplied products over the ages giving us a special place in the huge market today. Every client of our’s has been well attended-to and serviced by our firm and its people, which has thus secured us a position of the leader in the business place.